French Grand Prix Series 2016

In addition to my GB elite appearances this year I am also racing for the Envy-Epinay team in the French Grand Prix series. This is a series of 5 races for elite duathletes from April to October based around Paris. The standard is high with some very experienced cyclists. Selection criteria for the GB Elite Duathlon team take into account the results in the French Grand Prix Series so participation is not only expected but good results are important.

My first  race, as with the GB Elite European Championships,, highlighted tactical cycle racing as a weakness for me. I ran well but finished 55th after being dropped on the cycle leg.

French Grand Prix 8/5/16
French Grand Prix 8/5/16

The second race went much better and I was in the lead cycle group in the last mile.

french gp cycling

Unfortunately two riders in front touched wheels and brought a few of us down. I finished 24th but would have been hopeful of a much higher placing without the crash and was pleased to have stayed with the lead cycle group this time. Just a bit of bad luck at the end but a good race.

The third race was a team time trial. We went well on the cycle leg and were 8th as a team, but lost a few places on the final run finishing 12th overall. A good race though with solid performances all round and enjoyable, even in the French rain – again!

The fourth race took place in the rain – again! So although I ran well the bike leg was difficult and we finished well down the field as a team. This will put pressure on for us to avoid relegation this season.